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Vip Kiev escort

prostitutochki.comShe waited for him in the vip Kiev escort, where oozing delicious smells. He sat down at the table, drank a glass of vodka and silently watched her bustle of the stove. She felt the back of his stare.

— Do not ask me about anything, okay? — With hope in his voice about, "she muttered.

— You do realize that sooner or later, I still ask — Korobov came from behind, hugged her. Her shoulders trembled fine, just in her body re-entered yesterday's Kiev Ukraine escort chill.

— What were you doing in a night forest?

— Ran ...

Her name is Nastya, she comes from Ukrain escort, came to enroll in university, did not pass on the contest and so one evening wandered along a shady lane rd, not knowing where and why ... She did not really have time to figure out what happened: brake squeal, her stuffed into a car and took him somewhere ... She came to himself only in a dark room without windows. Besides her there were still ten or twelve girls of her contemporaries. All of them were here in the same way as Nastia. Many were in this prison for a long time.

Then came the guard, and some Kiev escort girls somewhere stole.

They returned after five hours, they were afraid to look. Even more frightening to listen to their stories about how they served the guests at a party. At first — under the table, while guests decorously eating and drinking. Then, when the audience got quite thoroughly — directly on the table, among the bottles and snacks. Girls in this work have become accustomed, they were not the first time ... Whether it will still be, they said, soon there will be just a lunatic asylum, will drive up the steep Bratkov company — they know that rest on the full program.

Nastya managed to escape — one of the guards put on her eyes, pulled out of the basement, brought to a room, knocked on the bed, fell ... Lady from Ukraine escort managed to reach the heavy vase, standing on the bedside table, and struck him on the head. Then he climbed through the window, looked around. It was a huge suburban area: left darkened house with turrets, dully reflecting pool, glowing colored lights on the tiny stage, covered with a «shell».

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