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Real Kiev escorts

prostitutochki.comSat down beside him, snuggled up to him, her soft lips, leaving a warm impression on his chest, slid below, and he finally lost all sense of time, and recovered only when on the table invitingly phone rang of real Kiev escorts.
For complete agency Kiev escort program.
The woman at the other end was a pleasant voice. Inquiring, that if he Korobov, who arranged a fabulous fireworks at festivals, she said that she has a Kiev escort job. The woman was a brunette of thirty-five with a pleasant and well-groomed face which stood out dark and slightly slanted eyes. By adopting it, she put in front of Korobov brochure.
— We organize private celebrations — she explained. — Customer asked to arrange a celebratory firing — it would be, so to speak, the culmination of the party.
— I understand — nodded Korobov. — Chinese turntables, crackers, sparkling inscription on the pediment and so on ...
— It was just that — and so on, — owner of the company thoughtfully rubbed her temple pad carefully carefully manicured finger. — You see, our customers insist that babahnulo in earnest. This fireworks.
— It is possible — shrugged Korobov. — But I need time to prepare. And it's good to get acquainted with the ground.
— No problems — the Kiev escort woman smiled. — It's suburban base of our company — she called the name of the holiday village, and Korobov mechanically noted to himself that his giving — on the same road, only thirty kilometers further. — If possible, go there to explore right now.
The base occupied territory in a good hectare fenced concrete fence.
A solid house with turrets, sauna, court, pool, gym, a few scattered on the ground, cozy cubbyhole for a kebab gatherings — everything you need for a full psychic rasslabuhi. And even — a little scene on the edge of the meadow, covered with a roof-"shell" ...
All day Korobov held here in the calculations — where and how to deploy him to his «guns». Careful device manor gave scope for imagination.
— Pervomaisliy fireworks can not promise — he said the company owner, who accompanied him on a Kiev escort trip. — But a miniature copy of the will.
— This is exactly what we need — she smiled, casting an appraising glance his well-knit figure. — Can be an appetizer?

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