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prostitutochki.comIn whatever situation he found himself: good or bad — it remains only an enthusiastic audience, which shows a breathtaking spectacle of life. Any new experience, from your point of view, even the nasty and disgraceful for him — anyway, that an accidental gift of kievescortangels. This is so piss out of himself that wants to give this Escort in Kiev in the face. But soon you realize that it is useless. Because it also lead him into ecstasy, as a new and unusual experience.

This happened when they staged a party with a «barbecue» (in Russian shish kebab) in a quiet stream, which quietly making its way into willow thickets almost in the center of the city. There were four, two and two men.

Prague 87. First love. Snow-covered Stromovka (park). On a viewing platform, which offers a beautiful view of white snow poised rosary, are two. They are still quite young, and they so warmly alone in this icy winter day. They stand dazhee not embraced, and at a distance.

There are lessons in school, and they decided to come here today. And not agreeing in advance, both came to this place, «... we both came into the Escort Kiev...» (A. Makarevich, the song «Winter Garden»), probably because of the unexpected to see each other here, they were so taken aback that stood and stared at each other. Silently. Eye to eye. Oh, how he walked these large flakes, which are not melted on his dark thick hair, laid in a fashionable hairstyle. But he could not take his eyes off her big brown eyes, surrounded by a halo of eyelashes, which also lay all the same snow.

No, they never spoke to each other as they would like to be alone together. That's when you do not need any words. When eyes speak to each other. I. ... everything is clear without words. It is clear to her how he would like to touch her lips, her lips ... It is clear to him that she, perhaps, not even squirming away from him, and vice versa ...

But he can only dream about it. Yes, probably, then after a few years, it will be very sorry about done. But he was so shy!

But now ...

My God, he did not even guess how hot it was at this point, how a hot summer day seemed to be this winter beginner dusk, daily.

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